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katalog firm on Red flower close up
nice image,great colours and details

chacha on Reach for the sky
nice b&w

Daryl Johnson on Reach for the sky
Cool use of contrast.

juliet on Above the clouds 01
Wowwwwwwww perfect!!!

Daryl Johnson on Above the clouds 01
Awesome, intimidating, impressive... Welcome back...! (?...)

Céline on Above the clouds 01
Amazing view !

Charlie on Above the clouds 01
shame it's not hugely sharp but what a view! happy new year

Mário Martins on Marching
good work!

ティモシー on Marching
wonderful--looks like a splendid time!

Suzanne on Will of the wisp 02
Beautiful the tones.

Lionel GOUTAY on Will of the wisp 01
Super original J'adore.

jim on Inferno 02
very wonderful image... so moody. it looks dangerous! jim

Dimitrios on Inferno 02

k@ on Light at the end of the tunnel
Beautiful - and the title is perfect ! Wish you pinky last days of 2008 !

chrissy on Abstract 01
Nice, looks like a load of fireworks going off

dj.tigersprout on Relax
faaabulous -- i just want to be there!!!

dj.tigersprout on Bridge at night
beautifully done -- an excellent night image!!!

dj.tigersprout on Newhaven Key Edinburgh 007
my beautiful blue sky --- glorious!!

dj.tigersprout on Abstract 02
this reminds me of tidepool life -- soft red anemones!!!

dj.tigersprout on Abstract 03
wow -- excellent capture!!! and fireworks are tricky indeed!!

R Welton on Unknown woman
No details of the face and too dark.

R Welton on Loch 03
I thought the shot was a bit to dark.

NaCha on Newhaven Key Edinburgh 007
Nice processing

Veronelle on Newhaven Key Edinburgh 007
wouaaaaaaa, superb sky

DarkElf on Newhaven Key Edinburgh 004
superb and unusual light and shades in this shot! it looks stunning - almost threatning in some way - great mood and ...

Tony Duque on Newhaven Key Edinburgh 004
Wonderful shot, Aayawa! Lots of energy... very dynamic. The color in the clouds is very unusual... and very ...

Faon on Newhaven Key Edinburgh 003
The tone is just right here. Beautiful ...

Lorraine on Newhaven Key Edinburgh 003
Wow, that incredible tones, and the compo is extraordinary, I was just looking at the community page and your photo ...

Faramarz on Chinese Drummers - Stillness and Motion

chrissy on Rottedam Carnival 09 - Thinking
lovely colourful portrait chrissy

kathleen. on Rottedam Carnival 06 - Smiling

Eleftheria! on Rottedam Carnival 06 - Smiling
Beautiful composition!

A.Yari on Rottedam Carnival 03 - Pensive moment
very nice and colorful. eye catching shot.

Namaki on Sunset at the beach 03 almost gone
a beautiful capture here !

Dakota on Rottedam Carnival 01 - Black in Black
I LOVVVVVE this photo. I love the way that you captured the motion and the movement., It's like real dancing.

DarkElf on Sunset at the beach 03 almost gone
i like the layered composition here and the colour transition from top to bottom - great colourful sunset!

DarkElf on Sunset at the beach 02 - sinking fast
great colourful sunset! i like the yacht silhouettes - they add a nice extra touch!

Eleftheria! on Sunset at the beach 01

DonLon on Sunset at the beach 01
Very nice color and composition. Rally like the placement of the boat and lighthouse.

qassio on Sunset at the beach 01
beautiful! :)

Dimitrios on Sunset at the beach 01
a pleasure to look at

Lee on colour not required
You're right colour not required. Very interesting shot!

DonLon on Canal Leiden with tunnel vision
Very good faux work. I think the oval works also. Well done.

Stefan on Canal Leiden
Cool tones!

bm on Canal Leiden
interesting framing, did you shoot this through a bridge railing?

Stan Pulsar on Canal Leiden
Nice shot, and splendid treatment... It really looks like an old photograph.

Scotfot on Canal Leiden
Great image - just like a postcard!

jamesy on Ripples
Very cool looking spot. looks so peaceful

dj.tigersprout on Ripples
just wonderful wide ripples... what was making them? a duck? gorgeous surrounds here!

dj.tigersprout on Steel guitar?
ooh -- love these shapes and this striking blue!

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